Fitness for teenagers aged 13 - 17 years

teenage membership

At Active Fitness Club Stevenage we offer a great option for teenagers to get into fitness.

Many teenagers spend time sitting on game consoles, eating treats, sweet and fast food. We have training facilities in Stevenage ideal for teenagers to help reduce stress, increase energy levels and burn excess energy levels. 

Active Fitness Club is the most progressive health and fitness training facility in the area and has always been at the forefront of change. We want to provide opportunities for both the young and old to benefit from top class fitness facilities. Our teenage gym membership gives young people aged 13 to 17 full access to all our club facilities, supporting them to maintain and improve their physical and mental health, which in turn improves their confidence, energy and activity levels during their transition into young adults.

Teenagers can sign up for just £13.95 / pm.

This allows access to the fitness club up until 17:30pm in the week and 13:00pm weekends.

Teenagers must do a compulsory induction to the gym equipment and follow a selection of rules.