Squash In Stevenage

We have 2 regularly maintained squash courts in Stevenage

Active Fitness Club in Stevenage is home to Stevenage Squash Club (Active4Squash). Squash is a very important part of the clubs heritage and we are extremely proud of the success we have in the sport. Stevenage Squash is affiliated to our governing body, England Squash and Racketball and has achieved a Silver Charter Award as a centre of excellence.

If you are interested in squash, we believe we are far and away the most affordable club in the area.

You will find we are a very friendly and welcoming club, where new members are encouraged to organise friendly games and meet new players. If you have joined the club and are unsure of who to play or what standard you are relative to other club players, please speak to reception.

Below you will find more detailed information and contacts relating to squash. We hope you enjoy playing at the club and look forward to getting to know you better.