Group Exercise & Fitness Class Timetable

We have a wide range of fitness classses at Active Fitness Club Stevenage.

Fitness Classes In Stevenage

Active Fitness Club Stevenage is a fantastic place to get and stay fit. Whether you’re looking to improve flexibility, tone up remove unwanted body fat, build and improve your cardio fitness, or increase raw strength, we have fitness classes in Weymouth for everyone!

We have fitness classes in Weymouth for all ages and levels of fitness/experience.

Classes are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our daily guest fee is £7.

If you are wanting to do one of our fitness classes and you are NOT a member please click this link to purchase a day pass.

Purchase a GUEST FEE

Download Our Class Booking App

We use the Myzone app for all group session bookings. You can download the app below and then simply follow these instructions to quickly and easily set yourself up.

  1. Create a profile with name address and email.
  2. Select our Club by searching Active Fitness Club Stevenage or entering the Facility Code AFCUK002
  3. Next, if you have a Myzone Heart Rate Belt, enter you belt ID, otherwise simply select, “Continue without device”
  4. That’s it, easy. Now you can simply search and book classes. Classes can be booked up to 8 days in advance. You can book and cancel up to 1 hour before the start time of each class.

Active Coach is our small group personal training programme.

If you want to experience the difference this can make to your training, you get your first week free and then it is £10 per week for 3 PT sessions per week and your own personal coach.

Click this link below to get started.


Class etiquette

  • Arrive early, at least 5 minutes for all classes. You will not be allowed entry after the warm up for safety reasons.
  • If you arrive late your space will be given away.
  • Wear appropriate workout clothing and training shoes, if in doubt about what to wear, please ask your Instructor.
  • Advise your Instructor if you are new to the class, have any injuries or medical conditions, prior to the class starting.
  • Bring a towel with you, the rule ‘no towel’ ‘no workout’ applies.
  • Switch off your mobile phone during the class.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the class with a suitable fluid.
  • Inform the Instructor if you need to leave early as it is important for you to participate in the class cool down to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Do not chew gum during classes.
  • Wipe down equipment using bacterial spray after use as directed by your Instructor.


Class Benefits


Our great team of instructors are here at your service to provide professional support by presenting great classes which are fun to attend and will get you hooked on the new you!

Why do a class rather than just the gym?

As any of our members will tell you, our classes are great fun, an often overlooked factor in keeping one motivated. You get the confidence that you are performing your exercise correctly as our highly trained instructors will always have their eyes on you. If there are health concerns or limitations we can guide you to alternative exercises within the class, or challenge you if you are at a more advanced level.

You will always work more intensely in a class alongside others, the instructor is great at keeping you motivated to push yourself a little harder, without being bullied. When you push yourself, at whatever level you are working at, you will see real results in so many ways; fitness, weight loss, strength gain, flexibility, posture control.

There is a great social factor within our classes, always welcoming to newcomers … we’re all in it together, so if you are new to the gym, classes are a great way to meet people.

A Beginner?

Not sure if you are fit enough for a class? At Active Fitness Club we have a lot of first time gym users. We can advise you to which classes are suitable to you so you don’t feel overwhelmed. As your fitness level increases, you’ll be able to choose which way you would like to take your fitness. Most classes are suitable to all levels to work together.


Likewise, we have a huge range of classes for your picking, and the instructors will always be able to find ways to push you further in a safe yet challenging way.