Fitness Classes Etiquette

• Arrive early, at least 5 minutes for all classes. You will not be allowed entry after the warm up for safety reasons.

• If you arrive late your space will be given away.

• Wear appropriate workout clothing and training shoes, if in doubt about what to wear, please ask your Instructor.

• Advise your Instructor if you are new to the class, have any injuries or medical conditions, prior to the class starting.

• Bring a towel with you, the rule ‘no towel’ ‘no workout’ applies.

• Switch off your mobile phone during the class.

• Stay hydrated throughout the class with a suitable fluid.

• Inform the Instructor if you need to leave early as it is important for you to participate in the class cool down to reduce the risk of injury.

• Do not chew gum during classes.

• Read and be aware of our Booking/Payment/Cancellation Policy.

• Wipe down equipment using bacterial spray after use as directed by your Instructor.

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