BIG Health and Fitness team are excited to be expanding to Stevenage. We work closely with the Active Fitness Club Directors, Managers and Staff to provide safe havens within their clubs for our kind of people.   We will be providing classes at the Stevenage gym, that are bespoke and suited to people with all different ailments, a number of times a week. We run a number of Luton gym classes on a weekly basis. Located within the Active Fitness Club, Stevenage, with many options, there’s something for everyone.   The BIG team is dedicated to making sure our members have a comfortable and fun time experience and try to make the classes as private as possible away from the main area of the gym. The activities that will become available to members include Nordic Walking, Circuits, BIG Boxing, Stretch & flex, Kettlebells, and Body pump to name a few. There are tea and coffee facilities too, so that people can enjoy a cuppa and catch up in their break or after a class. This adds an additional social element which many of our members value.

Each of the classes at  BIG are fun, inclusive and accessible. There’s always plenty of laughter and encouragement. We foster an environment where people can develop at their own pace for sustainable weight loss and fitness. We discourage competitiveness at BIG so everyone can workout without feeling the need to keep up.We also encourage each other on their BIG fitness journeys.  Find us here

Alongside the specific BIG Health and Fitness classes within the Stevenage gym, our members are also able to utilise the range of equipment that the gym owns and the classes they do. The gym houses a full range of resistance machines, cardiovascular kit, and sports performance zones. Our personal trainers work closely with our clients. Training plans are developed that are attainable and move at a pace that people are comfortable with. There’s always plenty to do, whether that’s a group class, or some individual training and programmes. We will work closely with you, to develop a training plan that is going to work towards the change you want to see.

Visit the ‘BIG’ website to get started!

Phone: 01438 358 071